Types of payment methods that are available at the online casinos

Players need to first register an account with NETeller before being able to purchase through your casino. It is a one page registration form which is found on the NETeller website which is found at www.neteller.com
Transferring funds from a NETeller account to a gaming account is real time. There are 5 ways to fund a NETeller account:
1. Instacash
2. F-cash deposit
3. Electronic Funds Transfer
4. Bank Deposit / Wire
5. Visa or Mastercard (Only)
Players purchasing using NETeller need to go to the casino software ATM/banking page, select “Purchase”, click on the “NETeller” link, enter their NETeller Account ID and Secure ID, the amount required and “Submit”. A confirmation of purchase is then sent to the player.

PrePaid ATM
Send money in seconds! You can purchase without revealing your name, card number or personal information! This card is so powerful – you are protected by 3 levels of security!!
You have 5 ways to fund your PrepaidATM account:
1· Credit Card (Visa & Master Card Only)
2· Western Union
3· PayPal
4· ACH
5· Wire Transfer

Click to Pay
The Click2Pay solution enables you to pre-fund your web wallet and then use the available balance to deposit tokens at participating casinos.
Benefits of Click2Pay
Click2Pay can support full multi-currency and players can carry out transactions USD, GBP and EUR.
Instant credit from within the casino software.
Free funding* with your bank account.
Quick sign-up.
Available to $, £ and € players.
* Credit Card funding at 3%
Click2Pay transactions – both pre funded and post deposit – are accepted in real-time and you receive credits immediately.
Click2Pay Funding Options
Your casino account will be updated INSTANTLY once you have made a deposit request. If you have registered your bank account and credit card with them, you can deposit in 2 steps from within the casino software.
Funding is simple through these mechanisms:
Visa, Diners Club, MasterCard and American Express,ACH,ELV,Direct Debit
How to sign-up.
You can sign-up directly from within the Casino software. The quick and easy sign-up process will have you up and running within minutes!
NOTE: You need to have registered with Click2Pay BEFORE attempting to perform a transaction.
General information
Click2Pay uses a Star rating system that determines how much you are allowed to deposit. Once you have 6 Stars, you qualify for higher deposit limits and receive VIP status. Tokens are credited instantly and the player experience is simplified by a two-step deposit process.