I’m Tom. And welcome back to Challenge Chalice. How does it feel sitting here?

– This is so weird. – You’re exposed. – This is so weird.

I can’t hide behind the camera. (laughter) – This is a show by FBE where you guys submit your challenges. Some random guy picks three, throws them in the chalice. But not today!

– I don’t even know what’s inside. – Yeah. – I know. Now you know how we feel though. – Every day.

– Oh god, it’s the worst. – This is us. – This is a special episode, because Alex is in front of the camera for once. He wants to show his face.

We have Mel, another producer at FBE. – (Mel) Woo! – She is the one that prepped all the challenges and threw them in. – Thank you, Mel. – So after every episode goes live, me and Alex are in the comments for the first hour responding to literally hundreds of millions of thousands of comments. – Awesome comments.

We try to race each other… – Yeah. – …to see who can reply to most. What’s the best or weirdest comment you’ve seen? – I get compared to Drake Bell a lot. – You get that one.

– I get Peter Parker a lot. I get– – Peter Parker. – Oh, those are good ones. Yeah. – Yeah, I know. Actually I have one that I think was my favorite comment.

Someone in one of the episodes with Alyssa goes, “Oh, it’s my favorite staff.” And then Alex is like… – (cracking up) – Oh. – I literally was watching him scroll through the comments, ’cause I was laughing. And then he scrolls, and he finds it. And he was like… – (chuckles) – (Mel) So Alex, since we know you so well, we put some special challenges in the chalice for this episode. – I’m so excited!

– (Mel) What do you think might be in there? – If people don’t know me– and you’re knowing me now; you’re getting to know me– – (chuckles) – I hate eggs more than anything. Every single time I come on here with food, I always tell y’all, “No eggs.” They’re in a class of food that I like to call “puhgoogah.” It’s a word.

Actually, there’s a word– – It’s not a word! – There’s a word we also gave, if anybody’s watched MyMusic, that scene has used that word. – You still haven’t described what “puhgoogah” is! – I know!

– “Puhgoogah” is anything gross. – So you guys are gonna do rock-paper-scissors to see who chooses the egg challenge. We don’t know if it’s an egg challenge. All right, you guys are gonna be– – It’s gonna be an egg challenge.

Who are we kidding? – It’s gonna be an egg challenge. – Rock, paper, scissors. – (together) Shoot. – (screaming) – Yes!

– Yes! – Oh, pray to the dragons, guys. So suggested by Mya David. It’s the Minute to Win It Challenge. – (together) Ooh! – No eggs, it sounds like.

– You don’t know that. – Hopefully not. – Was it the Minute to Egg It Challenge? – Well, maybe we’re making rice? Minute Rice? – Ohhh.

– That’s in a minute. ♪ (light folk music) ♪ – Have we worn– ’cause I remember I wore this shirt on a previous episode. – Oh, ’cause you have Ash and Pikachu. – I don’t– – No, no, no, no. – I wore a different Pokemon shirt.

– You wore a different Pokemon shirt. We still did. – This is a different Pokemon shirt.

– That’s cute. You guys are very ’90s. – We got Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. Yeah, we are. – (chuckles) – Yeah.

– Very ’90s. – Did you do it on purpose? – Which one? – No. Not at all. Not even the first one.

– I didn’t text him this morning. You’re like, “Hey, what are you wearing today?” – I don’t have a special alarm for Tom. – No.

– #RelationshipGoals. – (together) NO!!! – YES!

WOO! – No. – Yeah! Eggs and balloons! – (Mel) So now that you have a bowl of eggs in front of you, I’m gonna need you to get up so that I can… – (gasps) – No!

– (Mel) I have one more thing for you all. – No. (groaning together) – No. – It’s gonna get THAT messy? – How the Minute to Win It Challenge is gonna work is basically there’s gonna be three rounds.

– Mm-hmm. – The winner of each round gets to choose two eggs to smash on the losers’ heads. If you get a hard-boiled egg smashed on your head… – Mm-hmm. – …you gotta eat it. – I really hope that I win each of these rounds. – (chuckles) – I want a good streak going here.

– It’s already starting off bad, ’cause my earring fell out. (laughter) – We’re gonna do a best two out of three. And even if someone wins two, we’re still gonna play to make Alex eat an egg. – Okay. – (Mel) Okay. So in front of you, you have three rows of cups.

And you each have a balloon. What you’re gonna do is blow up air into the balloons and then use the air to push the cups off the table. You cannot touch the cups with your hands or anything besides the balloons. Go! (air hissing) (balloon sputters) – Yes! (balloons sputter) (air hisses) (balloon sputters) Yes!!!

(loud cheering) – Oh!! So close! – My rolled on the table! No!

– Yeees! Hope for the best, man. (egg cracks) Oh. – Is it hard-boiled? – It’s hard-boiled! – Oh!

– (laughs) – You’re good, you’re good, you’re good! – Son of a biscuit. – I mean, we don’t know about this one.

– Oh yeah, that’s true. – I know. Come on, come on.

– No, wait. This is not fun. I’m so– – Smash it!

Smash it! – Okay. (loud hollers) – It got on my pants! – (giggles) – Son of a gun!

– Aah! It’s on my pants! (laughter) – Oh! – I’m gonna give you these. – Oh man.

– Thanks. (chuckles) – Oh shoot. – It’s all cracked. – (growls) – Oh! (all exclaim) So wait.

Did it hurt when I hit you with the egg? Or was it– – No, it didn’t. – Okay. – It hurt more the first time when you didn’t hit hard enough.

(laughter) – It’s like eggs are like chickens’ periods or something like that? – Ew! Why would you say that?! – Oh!

Don’t say that! – Ew! – Don’t say that. – Well, because it doesn’t actually– (laughing) No! – That’s gross.

– It’s just a fact of life, okay? – You just– – A fact that I don’t need to know. – (intrigued) Oh. – Ooh! – Now, THIS is what I– oh no, I don’t trust this.

– (Mel) The way that this works is that you put the Oreo on your forehead. And then you have 60 seconds to get it into your mouth. Go! – No! – I’m so bad at this.

Oh, I got a big nose. – (groans) – I gotta catch that. – Oh gosh. No, come on.

Into the– – ARE YOU– – Aah, no! – SON OF A– – (chuckles) – (groans) – It’s getting caught on my eyebrow. – No!! – Where’d it go?

– No! So close! – I lost my Oreo!!! – I’m Captain Oreo.

– Where is it? – Oh! – Where’s the Oreo? – No. – No!!

– All right, I gotta go quick. – (cheering loudly) – Did he get it? NO!!! – (Mel) So much to my chagrin, Alex is the winner of this round. Alex, you get to do the honors with the eggs.

– (grossed out) Oh! No! Oh, sick! Wait, wait. – Yeah.

– (groans) – Oh, it’s hard-boiled. Okay, we’re good. We’re good. – (groans) – (laughing) (posh voice) A little egg crown for the egg– (groans loudly) – (chuckles) – Disgusting. – (coughs) – Alex. Aaaa… (giggles) – You’re an egghead.

– (chuckles) – Eggs actually aren’t bad. Alex, I don’t know why you’re not into them. (laughter and groaning) (slow-mo speech) (slow-mo groaning) – Fire. – (snickers) – Oh my god. – (Mel) Now that your hair is very messed up, thought we’d give you these very stylish hats… – Hey.

– …that you could wear. – Well, dang. Look at that style.

– It’s got tea. Do that thing. Yeah. (laughter) The pendulum.

– Everybody do it. – (Mel giggles) This is the last round. So far we’ve had Tori won round one. Alex won round two. Tom, what happened?

– I know. Thanks for rubbing it in, Mel. – You have 60 seconds to swing both teabags up and on top of the lid of the hat.

– Oh. – Easy. – (Mel) Go.

– Did I do it? – Ugh. – (Mel) Whoa.

Oh my god, Tom did it. – (laughs) – Are you serious? – Are you kidding me?!

– Are you serious? – What?! – And if my egg is raw, just know that I might not speak to you for the rest of the day.

– All right, I’ll take that. – NO!!! (whimpering) – (laughing maniacally) – Bon appétit.

– You know what you have to do, Alex. – Here goes nothing. #Puhgoogah.

– Ew. – Puhgoogah. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – ♪ O Fortuna ♪ ♪ Velut luna ♪ ♪ Statu variabilis ♪ – Honestly– OH!!! – OH! No, no, no, no, no, no!

No-ho! – Where’s the trash bin? – Oh. Oh no!

I can’t look at this! I can’t! – That’s puhgoogah.

– (groans) Oh god. – (spitting) – It’s like sand poop. – It’s like sand poop.

– What? – Sand poop. – Ugh. I’m sorry. I really– I just– – (Mel) You ate the egg, but each one of you has won one. So that means we gotta do a tiebreaker.

– YES! – Oh man. I gotta win this. – MORE EGGS! (chuckles) – (burps) – Oh jeez, that’s an egg burp. – Egg breath.

– Play spin the egg. – Spin the egg. – That’s a good spin. – (Mel) What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna balance the pencils in each of the group on the back of your hand. And then you’re gonna go like this and try to flip and catch it. – (gasps) – Oh.

– (Mel) Whoever gets the farthest in 60 seconds not only wins this round but wins the entire challenge. – Oh! – (whoops shrilly) – (Mel) Go! – Woo! Oh wait, what?

– Son of a gun. – Yes! – No!! – Tom, you said you were hungry. Stop it! (Mel chuckling) Damn it!

Tom! – (Mel) Tom! (pencils clatter) – Man. I love hanging out with you guys. – Yep.

This is great. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just go on with it. – (chuckles) – Okay.

(eggs crack) – Ew! – (groans) – NO!! – Oh. It’s hard-boiled. – I guessed wrong! – (giggles) – Man.

– Oh. (chuckles) – (retches) – (snorting) Mm. – Ew.

– You didn’t even eat it! – I Cookie Monster’d it, okay? I didn’t really want to actually eat it. – You all know what this means, right? – What? – This means that Tom… – (together) OH!!!

– Boo the king! – (chuckles) – Boo! – Make sure to send your challenge suggests on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with the hashtag #ChallengeChalice. I’d like to thank Alex for eating eggs and Tori… for not beating me. – Yeah.

Honestly. Yeah, I’m not. – You’re always undefeated. You always come and win. It makes me feel bad. (balloon buzzing, high-pitched) (stops) – That’s why we keep him behind the camera.

(air sputtering out) – (coughing) (laughter) – Just vomits all over. – Oh. – (imitates retching) – Yes.

Exactly. – We need a new cup. – Thanks for watching this episode of Challenge Chalice. You want to see more episodes?

Click down below. – (all) Hope you guys have an egg-cellent day! – Oh, we’re on an eggroll. Let’s go. – Oh! – Ooh!

“Eggroll.” I like that. – Bah-dum-tss. – We’re dabbing in 2017. – That’s what we do.